Client manager

About vacancy

We, the International dating agency IRENS, which is one of the leaders in the field of dating, in connection with the active growth of the client base, are looking for a Client manager.

We are looking for an active girl from 24 to 35 years old. You can immediately work with our existing customer base. If you have experience in our field, this will be a good plus, and if not, this is not a problem, we will teach you.

Your income will consist of:

– the rate is 5000 UAH

– bonus part – percentage of turnover with the possibility of unlimited development!

– Payments for each given client!

This is not a new position in our company. The team has more than 10 client managers and we know exactly how to reach such an income and achieve all your goals!

Thus, in our company you will earn:

1. At the initial stage, from 13,300 gr.

2. Within 3 months of work and with the growth of the client base and your skills, you will receive at least UAH 20,500 and your salary will constantly grow. Our team employs more than 10 client managers, and according to the statistics of their average check, the client manager leaves this income within 3 months.

3. After 4−5 months, you will completely master all the working skills, you will be able to earn from UAH 26,300 and will abruptly perform all the functions thanks to which the balance of clients will be high, and your salary will constantly grow. There are no growth restrictions in this position.


1) Part of the working time You will be working with clients. Organize photo sessions, deliver nice gifts, register new clients, organize meetings for clients, answer all their questions.

2) Collect and enter information on the client in the form of material for our employees.

3) Also, you will be directly interested in the quality work of the client base, as you will receive % of their turnover! You will work with a base of 47 clients and actively develop your client base further. And with the increase in the customer base, your earnings will only grow.


We are sure that a team is the foundation of any business, therefore

IRENS has many goodies for our employees:

• Timely payment of wages.

• Each Client – manager receives Iphone 7 Plus for personal use!

Schedule from 11:00 to 19:30. 7 weekends per month to choose from.

Payments several times a month!

Modern office in the city center in high-tech style. We have a professional coffee machine, which makes more than 10 types of coffee. Several options for working areas: cushion chairs, rocking chairs and so on. The office you want to live in) You can even see where and with whom you will work at

• If you, like us, are ready to develop and promote the growth of our company, you will attend various trainings both inside the company and outside it for your pumping. During this year, 34 employees of the company underwent trainings in various fields.

• Our team is very active in spending time together, not only at work. Over the past year, we have held two large corporate parties. One in the Candle restaurant, the other in the Bluff restaurant at the expense of the company. Three major events: Quests, paintball, rope course.