Determination Determination

Unity Unity

Professionalism Professionalism


IRENS - determination, loyalty, unity and professionalism.

Eight years ago, when the dating sphere was still not very popular, our company appeared. We started, like everyone else – a small room, several desks with computers, round-the-clock work and … people.

People who have changed everything. People who wholeheartedly wanted to become the best in the market of dating services. They turned the company into a leader and continue to strengthen this position every day.

For eight years, we have opened more than 8 offices in 3 large cities of Ukraine: Odessa, Dnipro and Kiev. And every day we continue to grow. Now we can rightly call ourselves the largest and most professional agency on the Ukrainian market.

What is IRENS? If we were asked to describe the company in four words, we would answer: determination, loyalty, unity and professionalism. These words most accurately describe our approach to work.

Purposefulness in every action

When we first started to work, we immediately realized that we want to become the best. This determination has always set and sets the tone for work:

  • The best in the organization of leisure to all employees;
  • The best in leadership for our staff;
  • The best in building a business and all processes;

Our determination is sewn into the company. Every employee, regardless of position, always knows why he works here, what he wants to achieve and how he will grow up the career ladder.

“Irens is a platform for development and growth. All who come to us are doomed to development. ”

Strong people – a strong company

This approach helps to grow strong people within the company. Interesting fact: 99% of managers grew inside the company. The figure speaks for itself.

From day one, we headed for building a strong corporate culture. One that will unite people and form networking. All this describes the word – loyalty.

Our approach is a leader for an employee, not an employee for a leader. Therefore, each employee within the company has been and will be heard and understood. We encourage any initiative and always motivate to show it.

We regularly conduct training webinars, go out once a month for teambindings and just love to relax together. All this helps to achieve maximum cohesion and teamwork. A motivated team is half the success of any business.

For us, the words “corporate culture” are not just a collection of sounds, but value and meaning.

Trust is the key to a strong relationship

For all the time we were able to create an atmosphere of trust. Thanks to her, we are building long-term relationships with all employees and clients of the agency, built on honesty and the desire to conquer the heights together. Unity in a team – unity in success.

The determination that drives the mountains. Loyalty, which helps to grow strong people. Unity is the key to the coolest team. All this creates an atmosphere in which true professionals in their field grow, who want and will develop.


IRENS = successful people

A well-functioning system of work with employees, efficiency, ambitiousness - all this is the Irens agency. Join us and be doomed to success and development.